License Rights

All stock photos purchased in this store come with a Commercial License. 

You may: 

  • Use the photos for personal and/or business use, both online and in print.
  • Resize/crop and image.
  • Overlay the image with text and watermarks.
  • Add filters or change colors to suit your branding.
  • Use the images for multiple end-projects where you are the sole owner of said project.
  • Use the images to create newsletter opt-ins promotional materials, as long as you're not giving away any of the images in your freebie. 
  • Use the images to create ebook, in-print books, magazines (both online and offline), PDF covers, or the like (so long as sales do not exceed 50,000 copies/year).
  • Use the images for multiple websites/businesses as long as you are the sole owner of such sites/companies.
  • Attribution is not required, but always appreciated (if you use a picture from this site and tag me on social media or email me the link, I will reshare your post, product, etc.)!!!

You may not:

  • Claim the image as your own.
  • Sell, loan, or give away the image or otherwise let a third-party, client, or customer use the image in any way. You may not redistribute the images. 
  • Images may not be used for any offensive or illegal use. Images may not be used for tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, guns, gambling, or pornographic use.
  • Use the images to promote, or as part of, free or paid-for other stock photography.