Flowers Styled Stock Photos {16 Photos}

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You want styled stock photos that are as unique as you are. 

You're in the right place! 

This set includes vertical and horizontal, high-resolution JPG stock photos.

Perfect for creating an effortless, stylish look.

Great for:

  • Stores
  • Blogs
  • Social media banners
  • Social media shares
  • Social media covers
  • Mockup images
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • eBook covers

These pictures will help you save time and money by streamlining your sourcing efforts (AND providing you a commercial license at NO extra cost!!!!!) 

Watermarks have been added and quality has been reduced for the sample photos shown.

Instant digital download of photos (nothing will be shipped). 

Commercial License Included. See here for detailed info. 

Due to technology being vastly different from one another, we are unable to provide any technical help at this time.

Below are some common download instructions, however, please see the FULL TUTORIAL here.

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If you can't find the file once it's downloaded, try looking in Downloads under My Computer or search the title of the file on your computer for where it could be hiding.

    All stock photos purchased in this store come with a Commercial License. 

    You may: 

    • Use the photos for personal and/or business use, both online and in print.
    • Resize/crop and image.
    • Overlay the image with text and watermarks.
    • Add filters or change colors to suit your branding.
    • Use the images for multiple end-projects where you are the sole owner of said project.
    • Use the images to create newsletter opt-ins promotional materials, as long as you're not giving away any of the images in your freebie. 
    • Use the images to create ebook, in-print books, magazines (both online and offline), PDF covers, or the like (so long as sales do not exceed 50,000 copies/year).
    • Use the images for multiple websites/businesses as long as you are the sole owner of such sites/companies.
    • Attribution is not required, but always appreciated (if you use a picture from this site and tag me on social media or email me the link, I will reshare your post, product, etc.)!!!

    You may not:

    • Claim the image as your own.
    • Sell, loan, or give away the image or otherwise let a third-party, client, or customer use the image in any way. You may not redistribute the images. 
    • Images may not be used for any offensive or illegal use. Images may not be used for tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, guns, gambling, or pornographic use.
    • Use the images to promote, or as part of, free or paid-for other stock photography. 

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